Rosemary Ferguson has been painting for more than 25 years. During that period she has established her own style that is recognized by most viewers before they spot her signature.

"My subjects of choice are usually nature ....landscapes, seascapes, birds, palm trees and flowers. Recently I have been painting beach cottages because of their rustic look, their rugged design and colorful shutters. I look for subjects with lots of color, contrast, design, texture, shadows and strong sunlight. I paint mostly from photographs taken by myself. The camera records only one moment in time within a field of vision. The reference photograph is simply a tool and can give me as much or as little information as I need. "

"Sometimes I begin my painting with a transparent wash before I draw and other times I draw first and then lay down my transparent washes. It depends on my mood for the day. I prefer working on 300 lb. Watercolor paper and I work slowly with watercolors and build thin glazes of color that unite areas of the composition. In the end, I might add some acrylic if I feel the painting needs an extra boost of brilliance. I spend a lot of time observing my painting during the various stages. I place my painting in a working mat on an easel in a prominent spot in my home. Sometimes I consciously study it and other times I casually pass by it. This is a very beneficial method as it will tell me things to do by conscious or unconscious observation." home Biography Contact Us

"My paintings are usually pleasurable and hopefully make you smile. I appreciate the beauty of the subject and application of the delicately applied colors as well as the strong varied dark areas. For the most part, I prefer realism with various abstract parts within the painting. The dark and light shadows and crevices create a sense of mystery to me."

"I am gratified when my work causes someone to pause a contemplate and enjoy."